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Could Qsar modelling be used for some data gaps in REACH registration of polymers?

Polymers have been used in many industrial sectors including consumer goods, construction materials, the electrical industry, food contact materials

Life CONCERT REACH - a network of in silico models

LIFE CONCERT REACH is a four-year EU-funded research project. It aims to develop a new freely accessible network of in silico models, including...

Quality criteria for the development and application of (Q)SARs and further in silico methods

The use of in silico methods (e.g. (Quantitative) Structure-Activity Relationships ((Q)SAR) models) as an alternative to experimental data...


A new network of in silico models to cope with REACH requirements for (Q)SAR and read - across

Expert Focus: Data and toxicology, the challenges ahead

In silico methods can be used to support regulatory decisions in various regulatory frameworks. Improved efforts to achieve greater human...

Filling in the gaps with the OECD Qsar Toolbox

The purpose of the OECD Qsar Toolbox is to fill data gaps in environmental or human toxicity, needed in the hazard assessment of chemicals. It...

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