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Representative Services

We can act as e.g. Only Representative in the EU, UK, South Korea, Switzerland, Local Agent in China or TPR in Taiwan.

knoell Representative Services

An Only Representative (OR) according to Article 8 of the REACH Regulation supports a non-EU manufacturer in the registration process. However, the requirement of an in-country representative is not limited to the EU and also applies to chemicals regulated in other countries worldwide.


As your 'Only Representative' we...

...assist you as non-EU manufacturer in the REACH registration process by (late) pre-registering the substance(s) pursuant to Article 28 REACH, represent you in the different Substance Information Exchange Fora (SIEF) and consortia, communicate with authorities, SIEF members, consortia, downstream users and other involved parties as well as monitor the entire registration process for you.

Additionally, as a technical consultant, we as 'OR' can take care of substance identification, best registration strategy, a thorough evaluation of existing data, the identification of data gaps and a precisely fitting proposal of testing strategies with due regard to scientific as well as economic aspects in order to close these gaps. We assist in collecting data from downstream users, with exposure calculations (if necessary) and the preparation of all necessary registration documents including literature survey, IUCLID files and the CSR. CLP notification, preparation and update of (extended) safety data sheets (SDS), archiving and maintaining information/data updated complete our technical service.

As an independent trustee, we as appointed Only Representative handle sensitive data confidentially, and hence can act as trusted go-between e.g. for consortia members.

Our specialised OR team consists of scientists with extensive expertise in toxicology, ecotoxicology and chemistry and many years of experience in the REACH Regulation. Depending on the assigned task, they closely work together with knoell experts of the wider team.

Most of the described representative services above similarly apply when taking on the equivalent role to 'OR' under different regulations (e.g. China).