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New OECD TG 497: Defined Approaches for Skin Sensitisation

The new OECD Guideline 497 is the first of harmonised defined approaches, which has been adopted across OECD member countries and countries adhering to the Mutual Acceptance of Data (MAD) system. It represents a new type of OECD Guideline that uses several types of combined information in order to provide chemical safety information.

A Defined Approach (DA) consists of selected information sources (e.g. in silico predictions, in chemico, in vitro data). A fixed data interpretation procedure (DIP) is applied to data generated with a defined set of information sources in order to derive a prediction without the need for expert judgement. The intention of DA is to overcome limitations of the individual methods and to avoid the generation of new animal test data. knoell can support with in silico QSAR analysis based on OECD toolbox platform or DEREK.

For more information, read also A new OECD guideline allows in vitro and QSAR skin sensitisation potency subcategorisation.