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knoell Germany GmbH joined an EU funded initiative that will improve, under several regulatory frameworks, the usability and acceptance...
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In September 2018, knoell Germany GmbH joined a four-year EU funded initiative that will improve, under several regulatory frameworks, the usability and acceptance of results from non-testing methods, (such as (Q)SAR models and read-across) for the registration of chemical substances.

The “Concerting experimental data and in silico models for REACH” (LIFE CONCERT REACH) project is coordinated by the Italian “IRCCS - Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri”, which has coordinated the development and promotion of (Q)SAR software solutions like the well-known VEGA platform ( Within the CONCERT project, the Mario Negri Institute will lead an international group that includes (Q)SAR developers, consultants and representatives of chemical industries. knoell will therefore collaborate with several international partners, including the Mario Negri institute itself,  the Technical University of Denmark (developers of the Danish QSAR Database), Ideaconsult Ltd. (developers of software like ToxTree and Ambit), Kode s.r.l. (co-developers of the VEGA platform) and SC Sviluppo chimica S.p.A. (a service company owned by the Italian Federation of the Chemical Industry).

Aim of the proposed project is to establish a network of in silico tools, with the ambitious goal of making it the largest network of in silico tools in the world. This new network is aimed to reshape the strategy of evaluating the chemical substances, becoming, in the long term, the first step in the evaluation of the chemical substances, to be followed by the classical methods.

This goal will be pursued by the integration of currently well-known and established solutions such as VEGA, Ambit and Danish QSAR Database. New (Q)SAR and read-across tools, potentially covering all possible properties relevant for the substance REACH registration, will be also developed. The new tool developed within the CONCERT project will be aimed at supporting decisions such as which model to use, depending on the target regulatory framework. The integrated models will be developed and updated to be compliant with regulatory requirements, paying also particular attention on the generated prediction report, with the aim of facilitating their evaluation and, in the end, improving their usability.

During the course of the project, knoell will organize several events, including a workshop, webinars and e-meetings. The aim of these events will be to present and discuss the new ideas and the new platform with the possible endusers, which include representative of chemical industries and of regulatory bodies. More information will follow.

// Contact R. Gonella Diaza for more information: Linkedin | Email

// Official project number LIFE17 GIE/IT/000461 | website (coming soon)

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