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Endocrine disruptors (ED): Regulatory updates planned under REACH

Data requirements addressing potential endocrine disrupting properties will be implemented in REACH Regulation

Upcoming proposal for REACH registration of polymers

Do you remember the upcoming proposal for REACH registration of polymers?

SCIP notification - know your obligations

2021 is coming closer. Make sure to check your obligations with regard to SCIP notification!

SVHC updates!

Four new entries on ECHA’s Candidate list

REACH Annexes to be updated

Inclusion of data requirements on endocrine disruption

The clock is ticking for the Korean pre-registration

Do you know that at the beginning of 2019 the Korean authorities have expanded the K-REACH scope for existing substances considerably?

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knoell Germany GmbH joined an EU funded initiative that will improve, under several regulatory frameworks, the usability and acceptance...

Hazardous substances in consumer products - Enforcement projects throughout Europe

The European Chemicals Agency ECHA has published information on the enforcement project concerning the check of consumer products for hazardous...

ECHA publishes manual to transfer REACH registrations before Brexit

On 8 February 2019 the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has published a step-by-step document on their website on “How to transfer your UK REACH...

REF-5 Project Reports

Does your company work with hazardous chemicals and are you sure that your workers are safe?

REACH Regulation - a workbook with hands-on comments

The new book published by Feierl-Herzle GmbH consolidates all amendments and helpful comments until May 2018. Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006...

knoell – your partner in any BREXIT scenario!

At the moment much about Brexit can best be described as being “cloudy”! One thing for sure is that it will have a significant impact on the...

REACH: New Database for SVHC`s in Articles

Are your Products Affected?

Controls of Mixtures Classification and Labelling Starting in Europe

Are your mixtures ready for REACH-EN-FORCE-6?

REACH - New Entries on the Candidate List

Are your products affected?


A Decade within REACH

Dr Iain MacKinnon, Managing Director and co-founder of knoell UK reflects on the changes seen over the past decade and some of the key challenges...

Could Qsar modelling be used for some data gaps in REACH registration of polymers?

Polymers have been used in many industrial sectors including consumer goods, construction materials, the electrical industry, food contact materials

Life CONCERT REACH - a network of in silico models

LIFE CONCERT REACH is a four-year EU-funded research project. It aims to develop a new freely accessible network of in silico models, including...

ECHA focuses on REACH Compliance for 2019

Dr Thomas Berbner of knoell Germany looks at the actions needed to meet tightening REACH dossier update requirements.

REACH Tasks beyond the Final Registration Deadline

REACH has not ended with the final registration deadline end of May 2018.

Article suppliers and REACH

One of the main purposes of REACH is to “ensure a high level of protection of human health and the environment”.

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Produktsicherheit in der chemischen Industrie

17 - 18 Jan 2022
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QSAR models in assessment of chemicals under REACH

30 November - 01 Dec 2021
online event

Online workshop on QSAR for industry organised and funded by the LIFE CONCERT REACH project.


15 - 16 Sep 2021
NEC, Birmingham, UK

REACH Seminar

13 - 14 Sep 2021
Bonn, Germany or online

REACH: Current Landscape and Emerging Issues

27 Apr 2021
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This online event will cover topics around the UK’s new chemicals legislation with a focus on UK REACH.

Key Regulatory Updates: Europe, Asia and the Americas 2021

23 - 25 Mar 2021
online event

Essential updates from Europe, Asia and the Americas

Web-Seminar: Navigating UK REACH

22 Sep 2020
online event

Enforcement Summit 2019

16 - 17 Oct 2019
Brussels, Belgium

Regulatory Summit Europe 2019

14 - 15 Oct 2019
Brussels, Belgium

Workshop Asia & North America 2013

18 Jun 2013
Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

REACh and its Global Relatives - Workshop ASIA & NORTH AMERICA 2013