REF-5 Project Reports

20 February, 2019

Does your company work with hazardous chemicals and are you sure that your workers are safe?

In December 2018 the report of the REACH-EN-FORCE-5 (REF-5) enforcement project was published by ECHA.

It details the project’s findings on companies’ compliance with their REACH obligations, especially availability of correct exposure scenarios. These describe the risk management measures in the chemical safety reports (CSR) and are required for any substance manufactured or imported in quantities of 10 tonnes or more per year.

The inspectors also assessed whether this information was communicated along the supply chain in the form of extended Safety Data Sheets (eSDS).

Amongst the main findings of the REF-5 enforcement project were significant quality deficits in the chemical safety reports and that this poor-quality information was transferred into the eSDS and passed along the supply chain in the majority of cases.

Our experienced team of regulatory specialists at knoell will gladly support you with our knoell “eSDS Compliance Check” in fulfilling your various obligations under REACH regarding:

  • Updating your CSR and/or SDS
  • Preparation of Exposure Scenarios and eSDS
  • Checking supplier eSDS
  • Creating an own DU- CSR
  • Scaling
  • Communication of safe use information in the supply chain

Please feel free to contact us with your individual request.

Dr. Sabrina Sezi and Doris Tavakoli