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Regulatory compliance is key To market access

As one of the leading specialists in the worldwide registration of products and substances, we support you in the complex process of obtaining and maintaining market access for your portfolio.


knoell is a full service provider, meaning we support you in all phases of registration: from planning right through to market launch of your product.

We can draw on a pool of more than 400 top-rank scientists working at knoell locations worldwide. In addition, long-standing partners, contract laboratories and local experts effectively complement and extend our own knowledge network. With our expertise in chemicals, crop protection & nutrition, biocides, medical devices, animal health, consumer goods, food contact materials as well as cosmetics, we are ideally  positioned also to support with borderline products and products that might fall into more than one category.

global REGULATORY news


Endocrine disruptors (ED): Proposal for inclusion of ED hazard classes under CLP

CLP Regulation shall be amended to include hazard classes for ED with respect to human health and the environment

open for commenting

Thailand - Revised list of hazardous substances B.E. 256X

Thailand's Public Hearing on drafted revised hazardous substance list B.E. 256X

Endocrine disruptors (ED): Regulatory updates planned under REACH

Data requirements addressing potential endocrine disrupting properties will be implemented in REACH Regulation