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Working closely together with our teams in Europe, knoell Japan offers Japanese clients a local support during the process of gaining and maintaining EU market access, but also to register crop protection products, chemicals, biocides, pharmaceuticals and medical devices on a global scale.


knoell in Japan

knoell Japan K.K.

Japan's very strong chemical, crop protectionl and pharmaceutical industry needs regulatory and scientific support to stay competitive in the European market with its complex regulatory requirements. For chemicals, the European REACH regulation differs considerably from the respective Japanese laws and needs special attention. Japanese crop protection companies are facing a similar challenge for their active ingredients and products, namely the very high regulatory barrier. Working closely together with the teams in Europe, our Japanese subsidiary offers local support for Japanese clients to enter the EU market and maintain the access, but also to register crop protection products, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and medical devices on a global scale. At the same time, Knoell Japan K.K. can assist European, US and other companies to get their necessary registrations in Japan, e.g. according to the chemical substance control law (CSCL). Thus, Knoell Japan K.K. is an efficient interface between our Japanese clients and knoell subsidiaries worldwide - of course with our local staff also being ready to support you in Japanese.

We also offer tailor made training sessions and seminars designated to fit your needs. Please call us for your in-house seminar and/or training course.

Knoell Japan K.K.
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Dr Michael Cleuvers
Director Products & Markets
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