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Online seminar for chemicals manufacturer who want to maintain or gain access to the UK market after Brexit
24 Jun 2021
online event

You are a chemicals manufacturer and want to maintain or gain access to the UK market after Brexit? Then take advantage of Chemical Daily's online seminar "UK REACH and CLP" (15:00 - 17:30 JP time).

Regulatory expert Graeme Towell (knoell UK) will familiarise you with the requirements of UK REACH and CLP so that you can decide on the next steps for your portfolio.


Session 1

  • Background to the UK Exit from the EU
  • UK REACH - detailed information
  1. Implementation of UK REACH
  2. Similarity and differences from EU REACH
  3. Key timelines and actions for notification and registration
  4. Access to the UK chemicals market for Japanese manufacturers
  5. The position of the UK-Only Representative
  6. How to use your EU REACH information to support compliance with UK REACH

Session 2

  • UK CLP
  1. Continued alignment with GHS
  2. Differences compared with EU CLP
  3. Safety data sheets and labelling

For Session 1 + 2 are in total approx. 90 min estimated

Q&A live session

  • Q&A Session with Mr Graeme Towell and Japanese translation by Ms. Yuko Mabuchi (knoell Germany)

Approx. 60 min

Please note: The presentations will be in English with Japanese subtitles.

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