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Developments in Landscape Modelling

European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2018


Pan-European Catchment Modelling: An Open Data Analysis

The European Environment Agency (EEA) provides publicly available geo-data which can be used for environmental modelling in the EU. In the case of...

Evaluation of groundwater monitoring studies on a sub-catchment scale

Using a higher-tier coupled modelling approach

Stepwise development of catchment hydrology for effect modelling in regulatory landscape-scale aquatic risk assessment

The EFSA Guidance Document on Aquatic Risk Assessment (EFSA, 2013) indicates a key role for effect modelling in future aquatic risk...

A modular catchment model to support regulatory landscape-scale aquatic risk assessment

Landscape modelling is key for future environmental risk assessment (ERA) of aquatic ecosystems related to plant protection products (PPP).

Spatial and temporal explicit catchment modelling in aquatic risk assessment using the modular framework CMF

S. Multsch, F. Krebs, S. Reichenberger, S. Heine, P. Kraft, L. Breuer and T. Schad