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Regulatory obligations for adjuvant and soil amendment products in Thailand

Fertilizer use in Thailand is an integral part of agriculture due to the declining availability of arable land and the increasing agricultural exports in the economy. Fertilizers are regulated under the Fertilizer Act and the amendment. This issue is under the responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperative. The Department of Agriculture (DOA) takes responsibility for the control of fertilizer products for manufacturing, sale, importation, exportation, and transit. Currently, adjuvants and soil amendments are not classified as fertilizers according to the Fertilizer Act and not classified as hazardous substances according to the Hazardous Substance Act. In order to be in compliance with Thai regulations, business enterprises shall consider the product claims, marketing intent, compositions, and mode of action.

Currently, adjuvants and soil amendments are regulated under the Consumer Protection Act in order to protect consumer rights, it is necessary to designate adjuvants and soil amendments as label-controlled products. Therefore, special attention must be paid to the use of statements, trademark or image as appropriate, on the product label. If they are claiming to have properties or have active ingredients to improve soil quality or promote plant growth, such as surfactants, additives, plant enhancers, chitosan, seaweed extracts, and amino acids for plants, soil amendments, and soil enhancing substance, they shall be in accordance to the elements in this Consumer Protection Act. These are summarised as follows:

  • Prescribing definition of adjuvant and soil amendment products.
  • Determination of adjuvant and soil amendment products as label-controlled products.
  • The Label of label-controlled products shall be specified the statement, trademark, or image as appropriate depending on the case but such statement should not cause misunderstanding in products.
  • The detail of label-controlled products such as product category, trademark, chemical name, statement about the benefits and properties, active ingredient (%), date of manufacture, date of expiration, warning, etc. must be specified
  • In the case the label cannot be displayed, it shall be displayed either the statement, trademark, or image in any part of the products or container or packaging or be inserted or included with the products or container or packaging of the product or in the documents or manuals to use accompanying with the product etc.

The Consumer Protection Act prescribes the requirements of adjuvant and soil amendment products. If your product needs review, we provide all services to support businesses from product innovation to go-to-market and legally compliant marketability.

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