Proposed Changes to EU Regulations on Feed Additives

The establishment of a regulatory framework for the assessment and authorisation of feed additives placed on the market in the EU for animal use began in the early 1970's. This legislative framework is entirely independent of the regulations governing veterinary medicinal products. Feed additives for animal use are legislated under one core regulation in the EU and a handful of supporting regulations. Guidance documents, produced by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), are available to assist the applicant in fulfilling the requirements laid down in the regulations. However, as heard at an EFSA Meeting with Stakeholders on Feed Additive Applications (July 2016, Brussels), experience gained in assessing applications has highlighted that these documents can be ambiguous, and in places data requirements can be inappropriate for certain categories of feed additives. Scientific progress in the field of feed additives has therefore prompted a revision of one of the regulations, and all the guidance documents, to reduce ambiguity and define better endpoints for data collection.

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