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New version of Biocidal Product Family Guidance issued

During the Competent Authority (CA) meeting held in June 2021, a revision of the Biocidal Product Family (BPF) Guidance was issued.

Document CA-June21-Doc.4.8 - Guidance BPF_rev2.docx was issued this June at the end of the CA meeting. The revision contains the results of the QA session issued in February 2020 and some updates on co-formulants. The updates mainly deal with the co-formulants physical-chemical characteristics and how they affect efficacy.

The Competent Authorities try to provide very detailed information on the structure of Biocidal Product Families (BPFs). This is necessary in order to reduce the complexity of the applications they receive.

The latest updates on BPF concern co-formulants, more specifically:
Note: If you click on the following links, the corresponding ECHA PDF will be downloaded.

  1. A harmonized approach to determine a worst-case (or a representative) test product to be considered for efficacy core assessment for a disinfectant BPF (agreed at BPC-37 on 3 Dec 2020)
  2. Definitions and functions of co-formulants in biocidal products (agreed at CG-45 on 17 Feb 2021)

The first document deals mainly with efficacy of disinfectants, providing suggestion on how to approach efficacy studies taking into account the possible intrinsic antimicrobial properties of co-formulants. The second document was issued because applicants and ECHA often had different views on the interpretations of terms used to describe the functions of co-formulants. This document aimed to support the harmonisation of terms and functions used to specify co-formulants of biocidal products. It should be noted that the list in the document is not exhaustive, but it can be extended if needed.

The knoell biocide expert team will be happy to support you in the preparation of your BPF - just contact the team by email.

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