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Latin American Regulatory Issues: Interview with Ana Bejarano and Piyatida (Tung) Pukclai

Fast paced changes in Latin-American markets and the prospects for bio- and pesticide use

Ana Bejaranao and Piyatida (Tung) Pukclai sat down with AgriBusiness Global to talk about rapid changes in regulatory processes throughout Latin American countries. In their interview, they stressed how the broad variety of regulations challenges producers ambitions and offer their insight on current develompents.

The biggest changes are to be expected in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. Here, manufacturers will most likely have to cope with new policies on risk assesment and a broad ban of pesticides. Argentinian regulators, learning from their past, updated policies especially for risk assesment for genetically modified crops whereas Brazilian lawmakers are taking a step toward reformulating their rules concearning agrochemicals. In Mexico, all genetically modified maize will be phased out starting 2024. With biological products placed under the same regulations as chemicals, admissions can vary and prove to be difficult in Central and South America.
The prospect of harmonised registration processes further challenges manufacturers and distributers for having to comply with new and strikter rules in the future, but the administrative steps are taken by some legislators. To keep up with policy changes, our experts advise manufacturers to actively participate in the process of creating new guidelines.

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