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Drones in agriculture are experiencing rapid advancements and improvements, with increasing adoption rates. Recently, AgriBusiness Global LIVE! hosted a webinar titled "Drone and Sensors: Future Effects on Agrochemicals" on August 27. This insightful event featured a panel of five experts who discussed various aspects such as technology, formulations, regulations, and global adoption of drones within the agricultural sector. Attendees of the webinar had the opportunity to pose questions to the experts, focusing on three categories: regulations, formulations, and drones.

Our very own Dr. Piyatida Pukclai, Regional Sales and Regulatory Policy Manager at Knoell, along with Scott Tann, North America Business Manager for Lamberti USA, and Arthur Erickson, CEO/Co-Founder of Hylio, Inc., shared their expertise and insights by addressing these important questions. For a comprehensive overview of the questions and detailed answers provided by Dr. Piyatida Pukclai, please refer to AgriBusiness Global - Drones: Future Effects on Agrochemical Formulations.

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Dr. Piyatida (Tung) Pukclai
Dr Piyatida (Tung) Pukclai
Regional Business Development & Regulatory Policy Director (Asia-Pacific),