#2 Agrochemical Regulations across five continents - Asia

Regulations across five continents – This week's focus: Asia

This week's series focuses on current issues, new challenges and upcoming possibilities in Asian markets.
With new policies and rules in authorities and transportations interruptions directly caused or influenced by the pandemic, new approvals become necessary, and the already lengthy process is further protracted. Delayed access to data from field or bio-efficiency studies required for registration in some authorities continues to slow down the approval process. Moreover, production and trade in Asian markets are directly affected by banning and restricting some pesticides. As the approval of new active ingredients for pesticides proves difficult, governments are working hard on alternatives to replace newly banned active ingredients. For successful approval of a new product, it is recommended that manufacturers and distributors contact the authorities at an early stage in order to follow the exact protocol and meet the criteria necessary for registrations.

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Dr. Piyatida (Tung) Pukclai
Dr Piyatida (Tung) Pukclai
Regional Business Development & Regulatory Policy Director (Asia-Pacific),