knoell in Italy

With our branch office in Milan,  knoell Germany continues to strengthen its portfolio in South Europe.


knoell Italy

knoell Germany GmbH - Italy

knoell Germany’s branch office in Italy was established in 2020. With the new presence in Milan, we are further expanding our knoell network in Europe.

The global knoell team consists of experienced scientific and regulatory experts. Together with our worldwide network of partners, we support our clients in regulatory matters all over the world.

knoell Germany GmbH
sede secondaria in Italia - Italy Branch

Piazzale Biancamano n. 8 | 20121 Milano

Updates From Italy


Endocrine Disruptors

19 - 20 Sep 2022
in person in Frankfurt/ Main and online

Compliance with GMP Regulations for Food Contact Materials and Food Contact Final Articles

Angelique Downey presents the most important requirements for GMP of FCM and points out the differences between EU and US regulations.