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UK out of REACH

knoell UK REACH compliance services - we offer support to both EEA and non-EEA suppliers to comply with UK-REACH.

SCIP notification


knoell SCIP notification services - we offer companies a stepwise service concept to fulfil the requirements for articles under WFD.


knoell crop protection factsheet biocontrol regulatory services

knoell Biocontrol regulatory services - we have the regulatory expertise to successfully support you in placing your Biocontrol products on the market!

Only Representative

only representative services in accordance with EU REACH

knoell Only Representative services - we have extensive experience in the area of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (EU REACH) and support a variety of clients both within and outside the EEA.

Chemicals in Japan

Trading chemicals in Japan

knoell Chemical services in Japan - depending on the category your substance falls into, you will be required to provide different documentation. Our local experts assist you!

Crop Nutrition

knoell crop nutrition factsheet crop nutrition products

knoell Crop Nutrition regulatory services - we guide you through the multiple regulatory requirements in the field of Crop Nutrition products.