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Crop Protection, Chemicals & Biocides

Dr. Knoell Consult Ltd. provides services mainly for registration of chemicals, crop protection products and biocides. Working with both European and non-European clients, the small but  very experienced team is perfectly set-up not only to support you with in the traditional markets, but also to guide you through the uncertain times of a regulatory landscape post Brexit.

Dr. Knoell Consult Ltd.
22 Cathedral Road | Cardiff CF11 9LJ

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Photo of Dr. Iain A. MacKinnon
Dr Iain A. MacKinnon
Managing Director

Animal Health

Two of our locations in the UK are exclusively dedicated to support the global animal health industry. Together with our teams in the US and Asia we have over 750 years of combined animal health experience: no matter if you need regulatory and scientific support or recommendations regarding veterinary clinical trials to GCP and VICH standards. We cover all product types.

Cyton Biosciences Ltd.
68 Macrae Road Eden Office Park Ham Green | Bristol BS20 0DD

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knoell Animal Health Ltd. (formerly: Triveritas Ltd.)
Bank Barn | How Mill | Brampton CA8 9JY

Photo of Dr. Karolina Bate
Dr Karolina Bate
Managing Director
Photo of Mel Munro
Mel Munro


UK post Brexit

Now that the UK left the EU and the implementation (or transition) period ended on 31 December 2020, there are consequences for companies manufacturing or importing into the UK. However, to what extent your products are affected depends on the regulatory framework that applies. Have a look at our overview of the new legal requirements for the relevant markets.

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UK Chemicals Regulations & Policy 2022

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UK Chemicals Regulations & Policy 2022

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