"I'm attracted by tasks that really put you through your paces!"

Jörg Bangert is a qualified geographer and a project manager coordinating assignments across groups and business segments.

Already while writing his diploma thesis, Jörg worked in this field. Before he came to knoell he was employed by a company involved in environmental planning. The practical experience with this subject gained during this time is something he can still draw on today. So his work is not purely theoretical. 

In the short interview below, he reveals why the wide variety of different requirements fascinate him, what his tasks are and what he likes about the organization of his working time.

What is your present task at knoell?

As a geographer, you deal with soil, climate and everything relating to processes on the earth's surface. And that is exactly what I do here, performing environmental risk assessments, analysing the behaviour of chemicals in the environment. I now manage large projects in this field extending across groups and business areas.

What is the exciting thing about your activity at knoell?

The really exciting thing for me is at the project management level, not so much the technical side. I am repeatedly confronted by questions and problems for which we have to find solutions. This is what I find particularly interesting, because it means you have to contact your networks: Who can help me? Who can I get information from and to whom do I have to pass on information? Who do I have to get together to find a solution? In the area of regulation, often there is not just one correct approach, and there's always a need to find a new solution.

What distinguishes knoell from other companies?

Because of the company's rapid growth, it offers particularly good opportunities for development. And there are definite possibilities for obtaining interdisciplinary qualifications. When you are proactive and show interest, you can do a lot of different things here without having to change company.

What about the work-life balance?

The company allows you great freedom to organise your working time. This makes it possible to find an ideal balance between job and family. I have a young son myself, and so we often have to be quite flexible. But that's no problem at knoell. You can also work from home. Naturally, there are deadlines and time critical projects. But in my opinion, if you are allowed to adapt your work schedule to your private life, then sometimes you should also be prepared to do it the other way round.

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