"I'm there for my child and my customers!"

Dr. Elvira Keller works at knoell as a qualified agricultural engineer. She is a single mother and has one son. She is well aware that reconciling her family and her career isn't something to be taken for granted.

For people who value flexibility, a medium sized company like knoell offers many advantages. You can organise your work schedule and assignments individually, and are given the opportunity to work at locations in Germany, elsewhere in Europe and also beyond – from a certain size onwards, companies can no longer offer this flexibility so easily.

What is special about knoell?

Teamwork is a high priority at knoell. This is particularly important during projects – when communication between colleagues runs smoothly and everyone is alert to how they can support the other team members, work is simply more enjoyable even if there's a lot to do. I find the opportunities for continuing education for employees at knoell particularly good – you get support to achieve your occupational goals.

What is your experience so far as a single mother in professional life?

When my son was still very young, things weren't always easy at my previous employers. Often my superiors and colleagues had no children and had little understanding of my situation as a mother. Reconciling deadlines for meetings and child day-care centre opening times was often impossible for me.

And now what is it like at knoell?

When I started at knoell, it became much easier for me to reconcile family and career. When my son was ill, there were no problems with me working from home. Many of my colleagues use the possibility of working from a home office or adjusting their work schedules to fit their family responsibilities – this is all done without much bureaucracy at knoell and doesn't adversely impact one's prospects for occupational advancement. knoell also offers childcare support benefits for child day care centres or nurseries.

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