knoell Symposium 2021

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On 22 - 23 June 2021, the 9th knoell Symposium on "Chemical Control Regulations in Asia & the Americas" was held as online event for the first time. Read more!

knoell Symposium

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15 - 16 Sep 2021
NEC, Birmingham, UK


24 Jun 2021
online event

Online seminar for chemicals manufacturer who want to maintain or gain access to the UK market after Brexit

Biocides Symposium 2021

05 - 06 May 2021
online event

REACH: Current Landscape and Emerging Issues

27 Apr 2021
online event

This online event will cover topics around the UK’s new chemicals legislation with a focus on UK REACH.

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Updates on the chinese cosmetics guidelines

Your concise overview of what to consider as a cosmetic manufacturer due to the changes in the Chinese cosmetics regulations in 2021.

Korea: List of low-risk biocidal active substances amended

The National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER) in Korea has published an amendment to the list of ‘low-risk’ biocidal active substances.

Decree on endocrine disruptors: mandatory identification from 2022

New decree clarifies the measures taken by the French government to make available information on products containing endocrine disruptors



Expert briefing: What have we learned from three years of in-depth active substance EDC assessments?

The 2018 Echa/Efsa guidance document on the identification of endocrine disruptors led to a steep learning curve for applicants and authorities

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CLP Classification, Labelling and Packaging

25 - 26 Oct 2021
in-person in Bonn, Germany & online
web series on FCM

Global Food Contact Materials Regulations Programme

08 June - 26 Oct 2021
online sessions

Join Dr Ioan Paraschiv for eight sessions on FCM regulations.

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Chemical Material Japan 2021

18 - 29 Oct 2021
online event

Meet the team at the Chemical Material Japan 2021!