Vietnam - New round of substance nomination for NCI has been opened

2 November, 2020

The Vietnamese authority announced that it is reopening the nomination process for chemical substances until 15th April 2021.

Referring to the information on Vietnam's National Inventory of Chemicals (NCI) (read more about the drafted NCI in our previous news), the Vietnamese authority has recently announced that it will resume the nomination process until 15 April 2021 to gather further information on chemicals traded in Vietnam.

The company should provide the following information related to the chemical substances for the nomination:

  • Name of the substance
  • CAS RN
  • Safety data sheet (SDS)
  • Documents proving that chemicals have been used/marketed in Vietnam (such as purchase contracts or invoices)
  • Companies producing, importing, and using chemicals can provide more evidence for the chemicals that have been nominated; or nominate new chemicals which have not been nominated and unavailable on the system.

The nomination status of certain chemicals (i.e. approved, waiting for further evidence, or lack of evidence) can be checked once the company logged in the system. (Please note: The company must set up its own account in the system. This will be communicated to us for use in substance nomination).

knoell will be happy to assist you in checking your status and preparing the documents required to supplement your missing substances at the NCI in Vietnam. For further information and enquiries please contact us - our knoell experts support you in your projects!

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