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Upcoming proposal for REACH registration of polymers

Do you remember the upcoming proposal for REACH registration of polymers?
By 2022, the European Commission will publish a proposal for registration of polymers . The aim will be to bring “at least some polymers” under the REACH registration requirement. It is coupled with the need to accommodate restriction on microplastics within REACH. While manufacturers and importers in the EU are currently required to register the monomers used as building blocks of a polymer, there are some non-EU industry countries with specific regulations in force of polymers.
Avoiding animal testing is the highest priority! As laid down in Annex XI of REACH, qualitative or quantitative structure-activity relationships (QSARs) can be used instead of testing if they fulfil conditions of scientific validity, compliance with an applicability domain and adequacy of result in terms of classification and risk assessment. QSARs can also be used as supporting information, or for prioritising testing. Over the years, numerous QSAR models have been used extensively on substances including monomers that can be applied as building units for polymers. Moreover, QSAR methods are available and being continuously developed for polymers themselves, delivering satisfactory results.
Please also check the publication about QSAR modelling and polymers from knoell expert Dr Andrzej Szymoszek.
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