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Public consultation launched

EFSA’s FOCUS surface water repair action

The EFSA working group “FOCUS surface water repair action” started in July 2017 with a mandate from the European commission to improve the FOCUS...


Pan-European Catchment Modelling: An Open Data Analysis

The European Environment Agency (EEA) provides publicly available geo-data which can be used for environmental modelling in the EU. In the case of...

The new 20-year FOCUS surface water drainage scenarios

Sensitivity analysis of pesticide application timing on exposure estimates

Stepwise development of catchment hydrology for effect modelling in regulatory landscape-scale aquatic risk assessment

The EFSA Guidance Document on Aquatic Risk Assessment (EFSA, 2013) indicates a key role for effect modelling in future aquatic risk...

Improved Parameterisation of Sediment Trapping in VFSMOD

Improving the predictive accuracy of VFSMOD for regulatory purposes

Pesticide Mitigation by Vegetated Filter Strips

Pesticide Mitigation by Vegetated Filter Strips – a Further Step towards Acceptance of VFSMOD?

Spatial and temporal explicit catchment modelling in aquatic risk assessment using the modular framework CMF

S. Multsch, F. Krebs, S. Reichenberger, S. Heine, P. Kraft, L. Breuer and T. Schad