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Compliance with GMP Regulations for Food Contact Materials and Food Contact Final Articles

Angelique Downey presents the most important requirements for GMP of FCM and points out the differences between EU and US regulations.

How to effectively apply risk management throughout the complete life cycle of medical devices

When it comes to develop safe medical devices applying risk management is a central part of all design activities. A risk-based approach is often...


Mitigation of surface runoff from agricultural fields by micro-dam technology

On sloped agricultural fields, water and sediment can be transported downhill as runoff and erosion. These processes cause loss of valuable soil...

Consideration of risk management practices in regulatory risk assessments

Evaluation of field trials with micro‑dams to reduce pesticide transport via surface runoff and soil erosion

Setting the standard: The challenges of biological evaluation

The important standards for biological evaluation and risk analysis of medical devices are explained in three parts