Endocrine Disruptors

Decree on endocrine disruptors: mandatory identification from 2022

New decree clarifies the measures taken by the French government to make available information on products containing endocrine disruptors

ANSES list of priority substances for evaluation of ED properties

ANSES has prepared a list of priority substances for which ED properties should be investigated under the second national strategy (SNPE 2)

Endocrine disruptors (ED): Proposal for inclusion of ED hazard classes under CLP

CLP Regulation shall be amended to include hazard classes for ED with respect to human health and the environment

Endocrine disruptors (ED): Regulatory updates planned under REACH

Data requirements addressing potential endocrine disrupting properties will be implemented in REACH Regulation

Updated data requirements for biocidal active substances and products

Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2021/525: Amendment of Annexes II and III to Biocidal Product Regulation (EU) No 528/2012

REACH Annexes to be updated

Inclusion of data requirements on endocrine disruption

SVHC updates!

Update of the candidate list on 16 July. ECHA added four new substances to the candidate list.

Endocrine disrupting properties - new guidance published

Endocrine disrupting properties update concerning biocides and plant protection products regulations – new guidance published


Expert briefing: What have we learned from three years of in-depth active substance EDC assessments?

The 2018 Echa/Efsa guidance document on the identification of endocrine disruptors led to a steep learning curve for applicants and authorities

Regulating endocrine disruptors: Interfaces between legislations & related challenges

Endocrine Disruptors (EDs), their definition and criteria, together with feasible options for testing and assessment, have been extensively worked...

Must read

ECHA/EFSA guidance on endocrine disruptors – challenges and experiences

knoell's expert Dr Martina Duft examines the best practice for implementing and dealing with the new Endocrine Disruptor (ED) criteria.

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