Thailand - Rules regarding the notification and licensing of the transit of hazardous substances published

11 December, 2019

Thailand’s Department of Industrial Work (DIW) published the rules and conditions regarding the notification and licensing of the transit of hazardous substance under the responsibility of Thai DIW on 2 December 2019 (link (available in Thai)).




The highlights of the Announcement of the Department of Industrial Works are as follows:

  • Transit of hazardous substance type 1 or 2 shall notify to the DIW officer with the form WoAo/AoKor 26.
  • Transit of type 3 hazardous substance shall apply for licensing with the form WoAo/AoKor 27.
  • Submission of the above forms can be done in person at DIW office or via the online system.
  • The applicant of the hazardous substance transit shall be a Thai entity (registered company as the importer and exporter of a hazardous substance).
  • Have approval from the Customs for crossing the border, or transit or transshipment.
  • Applicant shall have the insurance for any expense which may occur regarding the disposal or handling of the hazardous substance according to Section 52, Section 52/2, and Section 88 of the Hazardous substance Act B.E. 2535, the 4th amendment B.E. 2562 by having a contract according to the form WoAo/AoKor 25. The minimum guarantee limit is 100000 THB. Transit of hazardous substance sub-list 5.2 shall have the minimum guarantee limit of 500000 THB.
  • After export of the hazardous substance and return of the transit declaration documents to DIW, then company can request a refund of collaterals.
  • After the submission of complete information, the process may take 15 working days.
  • Approval of the transit of type 1 and 2 hazardous substances will be issued via WoAo/AoKor 26; for type 3 substances the authority will issue WoAo/AoKor 28.
  • In order to collect the transit approval document (WoAo/AoKor 26 or 28), the company shall bring the Bill of Lading or Airway Bill too.
  • In case the authority rejects the application or refuse to give approval, the authority shall inform the applicant within 7 working days after submission date.



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