Thailand - Hazardous Substance Single Submission (HSSS) launched

7 April, 2020

Thailand launched a new online tool, called the Hazardous Substance Single Submission (HSSS) that can be used for the registration of Type 2 and 3 hazardous substances and for the licensing of Type 3 substances.

Currently, users can check the type of 1690 hazardous substances using this tool and in future, the HSSS system will be a center for checking the chemical inventory which will have more than 10,000 chemical substances. This online tool will help entrepreneurs and the public to gain knowledge and information about chemicals used in the country and to prioritize and form the proper chemical management as well as facilitating business operations. Entrepreneurs who want to use this tool shall submit the application form together with the company registration certificate to activate the HSSS account.

All seven authorities involved with hazardous chemicals

  1. Department of Industrial Works (DIW)
  2. Industrial Waste Management Division, DIW
  3. Department of Agriculture (DOA)
  4. Department of Livestock Development (DLD)
  5. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  6. Department of Energy Business (DOEB)
  7. Department of Fisheries (DOF),

plan to use this new system.

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