Symposium “Water Scarcity: Challenges for Agriculture” at American Chemical Society (ACS) Agro meeting 2019

5 March, 2019

knoell is proudly co-organizing the symposium “Water Scarcity: Challenges for Agriculture” as part of the ACS Annual meeting in San Diego, 25-29 August 2019. The call for paper is now open at the ACS website and we would like to encourage you to submit an abstract, for a talk or poster presentation, would you have some views to share with the Agro community:  “Water scarcity is one of the greatest challenges of the twenty-first century.” FAO 2017

Deadline for abstracts: 20 March 2019

Purpose of symposium

The symposium aims at presenting opportunities for new technologies, innovative agricultural practices, and policies that can mitigate the impact of water scarcity on food security and food safety. In addition to new technological solutions and conservation efforts, we invite communications on water policy, economics, sustainability programs and agronomic practices that could contribute to protect this precious resource. Whether the focus is on supply, recycling technologies, water management or demand reduction, contributions from different fields of research are welcomed. There is an urgent need to address water scarcity by delivering integrated solutions to prevent food crisis, water supply disruptions and population migration.

Suggested topics

Water scarcity and its societal impact, with a focus on food production and food security

  • Technologies to reduce water use in agriculture: micro-irrigation, hydroponics, biostimulation, CRISPR technologies, GMO crops, integrated landscape approaches, soil management;
  • Water quality, conservation, and recycling in agriculture;
  • Agronomic practices and crop selection in areas affected by water stress;
  • Policy making to tackle water scarcity: how today’s policy can deliver a better tomorrow;
  • Chemigation; integrated technologies for water conservation;
  • Sustainability program goals and metrics of water conservation.

Your contacts

José Carvalho, knoell Germany GmbH

Maria de la Paz Carpio-Obeso, California EPA, State Water Resources Control Board

Thomas Moate, Golden Pacific Laboratories

Jim Seiber, University of California, Davis,  

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