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Sustainable Food and Non-Food Packaging

12 Sep 2022
online event
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Food Contact Materials and their regulations continue to be complex and fast-moving. But we got a team that always keeps track and can help you with your questions regarding regulatory services, toxicology and lots more.

Our knoell experts do have the answers to a huge range of FCM solutions and Dr Ioan Paraschiv will also share his knowledge at the online event Sustainable Food and Non-Food Packaging which is taking place on 12 September 2022. Join him and learn more about:

Recyclability of further materials besides PET

Draft EU Regulation on recycled plastics in food packaging (FCM)

  • New aspects introduced by draft Commission Regulation in the EU on recycled plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with foods
  • Key comments from stakeholders provided to the European Commission on this draft regulation
  • Clear obligations for operators and competent authorities
  • Update on the new E-submission platform for submitting an authorisation dossier in the EU on the recycling processes  

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