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SETAC Europe 33rd Annual Meeting

30 Apr - 04 May 2023
in person in Dublin, Ireland and online

The SETAC Europe 33rd Annual Meeting is soon to be taking place and we are pleased to let you know that knoell will participate! Meet us and other specialists in person or online on 30 April - 04 May 2023 in Dublin, Ireland.

This year’s topics cover a broad range:

  • The environmental fate and effects of emerging and existing pollutants and their mixtures, at cellular, organism, community, population and ecosystem levels;
  • The development of solutions to reduce, replace and regulate the use of known pollutants;
  • Strategies and methods to mitigate and remediate contaminated soil, air and water;
  • Innovations to foster more sustainable practices in agriculture, waste treatment, resource management and more; and
  • Life cycle thinking approaches including supply chain data collection, impact assessment modelling and footprinting methodologies.

Meet our experts at the SETAC Europe! Our colleague Stefan Reichenberger will contribute to the programme:

Oral presentation

  • The effect of alternative synthetic hydrographs when quantifying pesticide mitigation efficiencies with VFSMOD in exposure assessments

Rafael Muñoz-Carpena1, Robin Sur2, Stefan Reichenberger3, Stephan Sittig3, Amy Ritter4

1University of Florida, USA
2Bayer AG, Germany
3knoell Germany GmbH
4Waterborne Environmental, Inc.


  • Parameterizing MACRO using FOOTPRINT soil types in combination with the German soil map (BUEK 200)  

Stefan Reichenberger1, Thorsten Pohlert2, Qianwen He3, Sebastian Gebler3, Sebastian Multsch3, Beate Erzgräber3

1knoell France SAS, 69009 Lyon, France
2knoell Germany GmbH, 68163 Mannheim, Germany

3BASF SE Agrarzentrum, Limburgerhof, Germany

  • Modelling the reduction effect of spot applications on pesticide runoff losses from fields with a PRZM-VFSMOD coupling

Stefan Reichenberger1, Robin Sur2, Klaus Hammel2, Jorge Olivares-Rivas3, Rafael Muñoz-Carpena4

1knoell France SAS, 69009 Lyon, France
2Bayer AG, 40789 Monheim, Germany
3knoell Germany GmbH, Konrad-Zuse-Ring 25, 68163 Mannheim, Germany
4University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA

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