Saltidin® - be prepared for the EU submission deadline end of 2021

7 February, 2020

Saltidin®, also known as Picaridin and Icaridin (CAS No. 119515-38-7, EC No. 423-210-8) was notified as an existing active substance as insect repellent for the use by non-professional users of the general public in Product Type 19.

With the BPC-opinion being published on 10th December 2019, the deadline for submission for Saltidin® containing biocidal products in the EU is set for the end of 2021.

knoell can help your company preparing and registering your dossier, making sure to bring your products on the market in time, making the best of our broad experience:

  • knoell drafted the Emission Scenario Document (ESD) for Product Type 19, Repellents and attractants
  • knoell has supported the approval process of PT19 active substances, including icaridin
  • knoell has developed efficacy testing strategies and test designs for repellents and related products
  • knoell has extensive consortium management, data negotiating, and liaison experience

With the BPC opinion paying particular attention to exposure, risk assessment and efficacy linked to your Saltidin® containing products, knoell can make sure that your biocidal product or Biocidal Product Family is brought to market in the most time and budget efficient way.

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