Revised Emission Scenario Document for Product Type 14

13 September, 2018

It’s finally here….

We are very pleased to announce that ECHA has just published the revised emission scenario document (ESD) for rodenticides (product-type 14) which was drafted by knoell experts on behalf of the German Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt (UBA)).

This ESD for PT 14 was updated on request of the member states (MS) who noticed during product evaluation that not all rodenticide uses are covered by the guidance at that time. For example, there were deficiencies in parameter setting, some default values were not considered to be realistic and the risk assessment for groundwater was not integrated in the original ESD. The ESD was thus revised based on information received from the previous assessments of biocidal actives and products, new available scientific literature and direct feedback from both public and private authorities, rodenticide associations and the industry.

The new PT 14 ESD now includes both revised (such as that for waste dumps, open areas, in and around buildings and sewer systems )  and new scenarios (such as for bank slopes) and also a revision of the primary and secondary poisoning assessment (such as the implementation of a no acute effect threshold (NAET) value for acute poisoning, a proposal of non-target generic focal species for primary and secondary poisoning and a harmonization of approaches used for plant protection products on the one hand and biocides on the other hand, for assessing risks.

If you need advice on the application of this new ESD, PT14 rodenticide risk assessment and/or biocidal product authorisation please do not hesitate to contact our team of experts at knoell.

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