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GOOD NEWS! knoell France has freshly acquired its CIR accreditation, valid until 2024!
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What is CIR? A tax reduction calculated on the basis of Research & Development (R&D) expenses incurred by companies. They can deduce these expenses from income tax of the year during which the expenses were incurred. This tax credit is equal to 30% of eligible expenses.



For reminder, the eligible R&D operations goes into the following:

Fundamental research

  • Consists of experimental or theoretical research work undertaken in order to acquire new knowledge on the foundations of observable phenomena and facts, without considering any particular application or use.

Applied research

  • Consists of original research undertaken in order to acquire new knowledge, directed towards a specific goal or objective.
  • Undertaken to determine the possible uses of the results of fundamental research.

Experimental development

  • Creation or improvement of products, processes, programm, a service thanks to knowledge creation acquired through experience.

In case of any request linked to your R&D activities for Crop Protection, Chemicals, Biocides or Animal Health products, do not hesitate to contact us, we would be more than glad to support you!