Japan - New positive list for substances used in food contact materials

13 September, 2019

Deadline 30th September 2019 - Your action might be required!

In the course of an update of the Japanese Food Sanitation Act, requirements for the use of substances in food contact materials and articles such as food packaging or kitchen utensils will change. The most important amendment is the introduction of a positive list. From June 2020 onwards, only substances that are listed on the positive list may be used in food contact materials. The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has published the draft positive list for plastic materials in four excel sheets: Table 1 (Base Polymers), Table 2 (Coating Resins), Table 3 (Minor Monomers), Table 4 (Additives etc.).

If a Japanese or non-Japanese manufacturer or any other stakeholder wants to make additions to the positive list, they can send their comments to the Ministry via email. The deadline for additions is 30th September 2019! Only existing food contact substances can be added.

In case you have any questions with regards to the new amendments or want to make additions to the positive list and need assistance, please contact our Food Contact Materials Team or our colleagues in Japan.


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