An integration data-model study of the plant uptake process using a virtual 3D soil-root system

5 May, 2020

Plant uptake is an important factor in environmental exposure assessment for the authorization of plant protection products (PPPs). For a better mechanistic understanding, we present a novel process-based model as a virtual 3D soil-root system, that simulates water flow, solute movement, plant root growth and plant uptake. In the virtual system, the plant uptake process can be considered as an active process with Michaelis-Menten kinetics (for fertilizers) or a passive uptake (for PPPs), which is caused by the diffusion and leakage through the root membrane. In the case study, the virtual system was integrated with experimental data of rice plant uptake with different levels of Phosphate (P) fertilization and revealed in-depth mechanisms of the plant uptake.

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Event: SETAC Europe, Dublin 2020

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