How will UK REACH affect my ability to make, distribute or use chemicals in the UK?

9 September, 2020

UK REACH is coming soon!

From 1 January 2021, due to Brexit, EU REACH will no longer apply in UK. The registration, evaluation and authorisation of chemicals will then be handled by UK REACH. knoell expert Graeme Towell from knoell UK says it is vital to understand the different roles that can be played by British importers and EU or non-EU suppliers, as many long-established relationships will no longer work.

Read more about what Graeme says how UK REACH will affect the ability to make, distribute or use chemicals in the UK. The article, published by Chemical Watch, is available for download at the right side.


In case of any questions regarding UK REACH please do not hesitate to contact Graeme Towell.
If you are also affected by the new REACH regulation and need support in the preparations, we at knoell will be happy to help you!

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