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Endocrine disruptors (ED): Regulatory updates planned under REACH

Data requirements addressing potential endocrine disrupting properties will be implemented in REACH Regulation

Based on the EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability an update of information requirements under REACH to allow identification of ED can be expected in 2022.

Two initial approaches for REACH Annex updates have been proposed and are discussed by the Competent Authorities Sub-Group on Endocrine Disruptors (CASG-ED).


Additional data requirements addressing endocrine disrupting properties are under discussion for REACH. At the 3rd Meeting of the CASG-ED (Oct. 2020), an initial reflection on updating the REACH Annexes (Annex I and Annexes VII to X) was presented including two proposals as a starting point for discussion.

After commenting by CASG-ED experts, revised versions of the two proposals were drafted in March 2021. The indicative timing for completion of the REACH Annex updates is 2022, after completion of an impact assessment and an open public consultation, planned to start in autumn this year and in January 2022, respectively.

The planned updates to the REACH Annexes are anticipated to increase the workload and to require animal, monetary and time resources. Experience with ED testing under BPR and PPPR shows that laboratory capacities are already scarce and additional testing under REACH might intensify the existing capacity constraints.

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