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Endocrine disruptors (ED): Proposal for inclusion of ED hazard classes under CLP

CLP Regulation shall be amended to include hazard classes for ED with respect to human health and the environment

Based on the EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability, the inclusion of ED hazard classes under CLP is planned for 2022. Separate hazard classes for human health and ecotoxicology are proposed.


Additional hazard classes for endocrine disrupters shall be included in the CLP Regulation in order to establish a horizontal approach to the identification of EDs. Inclusion under Annex I of the CLP Regulation is considered to be the most robust approach in the view of the EU Commission. The criteria for the identification of EDs and the corresponding guidance should be based on the already existing ED criteria and ED guidance of the BPR and PPPR Regulation.

At the 4th meeting of the Competent Authorities Sub-Group on Endocrine Disruptors (CASG-ED) on 22 March 2021, a draft proposal on hazard classes for endocrine disruptors was discussed, which provides for separate hazard classes for human health and the environment. Within the hazard classes, two categories for EDs (Category 1: Known or suspected endocrine disruptors and Category 2: Suspected endocrine disruptors) were proposed but not yet defined.

The indicative timeline on a draft proposal for revision of CLP is 2022. After adoption under CLP, the criteria are to be proposed under GHS.

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