EFSA’s FOCUS surface water repair action: public consultation launched

2 October, 2018

The EFSA working group “FOCUS surface water repair action” started in July 2017 with a mandate from the European commission to improve the FOCUS surface water scenario approach for the assessment of pesticide exposure in surface water at the EU level. The main request from the European Commission was to introduce into all FOCUS surface water scenarios a 20-year assessment period instead of the current 16 months (drainage scenarios) and 12 months (runoff scenarios). The prolongation of the assessment period entailed further modifications, notably of the method to define pesticide application dates and of the way crop irrigation is handled in the runoff and drainage scenarios. Knoell employees Stefan Reichenberger (participating as a hearing expert) and Stephan Sittig provided scientific and technical support to the working group on the topics of irrigation and foliar wash-off.

The draft report of the working group is now available online for public consultation. Interested parties are invited to submit written comments by 5 November 2018. In case you would like further information please contact Dr. Wolfgang Reiher.

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