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Easy use of in silico models with Life Concert Reach

Life Concert Reach is an european network that offers easy access to and use of the most important databases for non-testing methods (NTMs). The new platform for in silico models improves the usability and acceptance of results from NTMs (such as (Q)SAR models and read-across) for the registration of chemical substances under various regulatory frameworks.

Starting in 2018, knoell experts collaborated with scientists from the Technical University of Denmark, the Institutto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri IRCCS, BIGCHEM, Kode s.r.l. and SC Sviluppo chimica to finally provide simple access to NTMs and to improve their acceptance for legitimacy in the process.

The network increases accessibility by finally combining the leading databases and REACH datasets like the VEGA platform, the Danish (Q)SAR database and the AMBIT database. This allows to exploit the experimental data gathered through REACH and put it to use in future development of new substances.

Furthermore, Life Concert Reach provides an automated weight-of-evidence evaluation tool that can help you prioritise next steps and possible adjustments to be taken care of before registration.

In addition, Life Concert Reach increases acceptance of in silico models and methods by also addressing EU regulators directly in the process. This way the group of experts establishing Life Concert Reach can meet the needs of both regulatory and economic stakeholders.

Thanks to its easy access and usability, Life Concert Reach supports you in mastering regulatory challenges in the areas of chemicals, animal health, biocides, pesticides, cosmetics, food additives and food contact materials. It increases product safety of both chemical produces and imports.

Find the project milestones and stakeholder feedback below.

Try and see the benefits of Life Concert Reach. Our experts are looking forward to you if you have further challenges.