Developing a MACRO meta-model for Swedish drinking water abstraction zones

26 May, 2019

In Sweden farmers are legally obliged to apply to local authorities for permits for pesticide use if their land lies within a designated water abstraction zone.
A standalone modelling tool developed by SLU (MACRO-DB) is available to facilitate risk assessment and decision-making in water abstraction zones.
The tool, which is used both by local authorities (who make the decisions) and farmers/landowners and consultants, is based on the well-established leaching model MACRO 5.2 (Larsbo and Jarvis, 2003; Larsbo et al., 2005).
Our aim is to develop a robust meta-model of MACRO-DB, as a fast and easy-to-maintain web-based tool for these risk assessments.

If you want to learn more, please contact Stefan Reichenberger.

Event: SETAC Europe 2019, Helsinki, Finland

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