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Chemical Watch Expo 2020

09 - 11 Dec 2020
online event


Meet us virtually at the Chemical Watch Expo 2020!

The Chemical Watch Expo 2020 is a three-day virtual event held in partnership with the established Chemical Watch Global Service Provider Guide. It features live Q&A sessions, networking facilities, interactive workshops and practical content.

The programme is packed with expert talks. We are delighted to announce that you will have the opportunity to join five of our experts for their talks on regulation of Medical Devices and Cosmetics in Europe, as well as on developments regarding chemicals regulations in Asia-Pacific (Australia,Thailand and Taiwan).

Key topics at Chemical Watch Expo 2020

  • European regulatory updates, including on REACH and CLP
  • North America regulatory developments, including TSCA, state-level updates and CMP
  • Asian regulatory updates, including from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean), plus South Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Russia and Turkey
  • Brexit updates, including an introduction to UK REACH

We would be happy to meet you online!

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Dr Michael Cleuvers
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