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BPC Working Programme update - Quaternary ammonia compounds

With the latest update of the BPC Working Programme, two quaternary ammonia compounds (QAC) made it back onto this year's Working Programme agenda. The endocrine disrupting properties of ADBAC/ BKC (CAS No. 68424-85-1) and DDAC (CAS No. 7173-51-5) are currently under revision for PT 3 and 4 - scheduled for the Working Group Meeting in June 2020 and the BPC Meeting 36 in October. This schedule would put the estimated deadline for the submission of the corresponding biocidal product dossiers and biocidal product families into late 2022 or early 2023, assuming that the Biocidal Product Committee will be able to follow the Programme's set agenda for 2020.

Quaternary ammonia compounds are widely used in the European Union due to their properties, e.g. non-tainting, and their cost-in-use. However, it is also due to their surface-active properties, and the possible transfer into foodstuff, that there is a requirement for an elaborated dietary risk assessment during the dossier creation.

Make the best of the time left and start now setting up your QAC portfolio strategically for the challenge to come. knoell with its longstanding experience can help you to develop your registration strategy, navigate the active substance specific requirements and get you started in preparation of your ADBAC/BKC or DDAC based product submissions to make sure you are complying with the BPR and are prepared for the deadline.

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