Biocidal product & active substance approval data requirements published by the Korean Ministry of Environment

19 June, 2019

The Ministry of Environment in Korea just published the list of biocidal product & active substance approval data requirements in a governmental notice, the draft of which was first released in October last year. It comes as no great surprise that the list has not changed much since the original draft version and is almost identical to the EU BPR’s Annex II and III.

The governmental notice, found here, also lists what must be included when submitting information to fulfil individual data requirements, as well as conditions for test waiving and endpoint submissions. The finalisation of this last notice means that the government of Korea is taking yet another step towards having a strong regulatory framework for biocidal products and active substances. The publication of this notice comes only 2 weeks away from the first K-BPR deadline for industry, the 30th of June, at which persons importing or manufacturing active substances in South Korea have to notify their active substances or risk missing out on the grace period.

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