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And the winner is.... knoell!

The title of Best Services Company in the Animal Health Awards 2022 was awarded to knoell by S&P Global's Head of Animal Health, Joseph Harvey.

On the basis of knoell's diversification of our business, growth in our client base and revenues, expansion into new markets and novel product development expertise, our team has been awarded the title for 2022! The judging panel featured global experts with skillsets from various parts of the animal health sector.



During the last year, the animal health team at knoell continued to progress hundreds of global projects, many with major players in the animal health industry. 115 new veterinary medicine product licenses were granted to our clients in 2022, and our clinical team based across the EU and US were actively engaged in 10 pivotal field studies, in four species. 

In terms of geographical reach, the animal health team's presence has traditionally been strong in the US, Europe, and key Asian markets. 2022 saw our expansion into several territories that were new for knoell - both in terms of clients based in these locations and partnering with local regulatory experts, including Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and India.
With extensive experience in the development and registration of products in all therapeutic areas, the animal health team at knoell also have an industry reputation as the ‘go-to partner’ for the development of novel animal health products (particularly novel biotherapeutics). In terms of novel products in 2022, knoell had involvement in the development of monoclonal antibodies, gene therapies, phage products, DNA vaccines, srRNA vaccines, stem cell therapies, nanotechnologies and alternatives to antimicrobials.

The animal health team at knoell are honoured to have received this award, and we look forward to supporting our clients with the very best scientific, clinical and regulatory expertise - for many years to come.

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