An Inside Look at Southeast Asia’s Regulatory Approach to Biological Products

Dr Piyatida (Tung) Pukclai and Sarah-Madeleine Hönig were interviewed on Southeast Asia’s regulatory environment

"Biological pesticides, like their traditional counterparts, must run the regulatory gauntlet. But depending on where they are in the world, that experience can be considerably more difficult, time consuming, and costly. The countries comprising Southeast Asia apply a variety of standards though the general trend is toward making biological products easier to register.[...]"

In the interview with AgriBusiness Global, Dr Piyatida (Tung) Pukclai (Asia-Pacific Business Development & Regulatory Policy Lead) and Sarah-Madeleine Hönig (Team Manager Biocontrol – Emerging Products & Markets Crop Protection) share their insights on Southeast Asia’s regulatory approach to biological products. They take a look at the past years, report on the current situation and talk about possible future developments. Read the full article online now.