A new approach for the evaluation of field leaching studies

Results from the field study published in the journal Environmental Pollution, Vol. 310, October 2022

Aiming to derive degradation and sorption parameters of a pesticide and its metabolite from field leaching studies by means of inverse modelling techniques, knoell experts have contributed in developing a new approach and in publishing the results in a scientific journal. 
Taking results from field studies under real-world conditions into account, the team was able to develop a new approach for deriving modelling input parameters of agrochemicals for future references. The study published in the journal Environmental Pollution, Vol. 310, 1 October 2022 provides guidance towards improved environmental fate modelling. The use of inverse modelling techniques based on concentrations of agrochemicals measured in the field soil pore water in various depths offers a more precise deviation of substance parameters, such as degradation and sorption, and hence supports refined exposure assessments in the regulatory context.

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Authors: ¹Robin Sur, Carolin Kley, ²Stephan Sittig 

¹Robin Sur and Carolin Kley: Bayer AG, Germany  
²Stephan Sittig: knoell Germany GmbH, Germany