#5 Agrochemical Regulations across five continents - South America

Regulations across five continents – This week's focus: South America

In the final part of our series on global changing regulatory requirements, we focus on the developments in South American markets. With such diverse regulatory frameworks as the ones of South America, producers and manufacturers need to deal with a broad variety of regulations depending on the different countries. An implementation of tighter regulatory frameworks and the possibility of simultaneous registration in numerous countries could boost the current status from local players to an organised developing market with interesting possibilities for producers and manufacturers. However, even though producers and manufacturers would generally profit from harmonisation of the regulatory process, necessary adaptations would prove to be very difficult for authorities and contractors across the continent. In order to achieve harmonisation, manufacturers and distributors are advised to keep in contact with national authorities, requesting specific regulations for the aspired categories and take part in public commenting on draft regulations whenever available.

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